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Greetings from the Freedom Lutheran Church family!

It seems safe to assume that since you are here reading this, you are probably wondering, 'What kind of church is this?' And given that there are many different kinds of churches in the world, clear self-identification is very important. So, let me introduce you to our congregation by highlighting four basic truths about us:

We are a Bible-centered Church. We are convinced that the Bible is truly God's precious Word, divine and thus perfect in all its parts, and the one and only source of life and doctrine. We desire that everything we believe and do would spring entirely from that timeless book, to the glory of the God who wrote it and gifted it to the world.

We are a Lutheran Church. We are convinced that the Lutheran framework of interpreting the contents of the Bible is the best one, and that Biblical Lutheranism is therefore the most pure and beautiful presentation of Biblical Christianity found upon the earth. Thus we hold the Lutheran Confessions in high regard as superb explanations of what the Bible teaches.

We are a small country Church. Looking to get swallowed in a crowd? You won't find that here. Looking for meaningful relationships, in a humble and simple environment? We can help.

We are a family-integrated Church. Whatever we do, we do it all together! We have no specialized ministries that fragment the family, such as age-segregated youth and children's classes. We believe that while such ministries have good intentions, they are modern inventions which do not reflect the Biblical model for family-centered, parent-led Christian discipleship.

Of course, nothing can match a first-hand impression, and we would welcome an opportunity to meet and visit with you. We gather every Sunday morning to receive the gifts of Jesus Christ and to worship Him in prayer, praise and thanksgiving. And there is always room for a few more to take part. Come and see!

Pastor Dana Coyle