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R_20191208-103826pm.mp3 42256Kb
R_20191027-094034pm.mp3 37352Kb
2020-09-12 The Wisdom of Proverbs Part I Conflict.mp3 41909Kb
2020-09-06 The Watchman (John Talley).mp3 33586Kb
2020-08-30 Paul's Apostolic Salutation, Part 2.mp3 39863Kb
2020-08-23 Paul's Apostolic Salutation, Part 1.mp3 38958Kb
2020-08-16 Titus Introduction and Overview.mp3 39591Kb
2020-08-09 Titus.mp3 10915Kb
2020-08-01 Bible Conference Session 2.mp3 59882Kb
2020-08-01 Bible Conference Session 1.mp3 77860Kb
2020-08-01 Bible Conference Evening Session.mp3 28335Kb
2020-07-19 The Wisdom of Proverbs Part II Conflict.mp3 54135Kb
2020-06-28.mp3 42424Kb
2020-02-14 Lowell Larson Funeral.mp3 57148Kb
2019-12-01 Gifts for the Saints.mp3 37054Kb
2019-11-24 Mr. John Talley.mp3 34089Kb
2019-11-17 Mr. George Hupp.mp3 21994Kb
2019-11-10 The Not Yet We Long For Part-2.mp3 36323Kb
2019-11-03 The Not Yet We Long For Part-1.mp3 44524Kb
2019-10-20 Preach the Word.mp3 38424Kb
2019-10-13 One Leper Returning.mp3 41828Kb
2019-10-06 Christian Discipleship: Forgiveness.mp3 41273Kb
2019-09-29 Gifts for Women Part-2.mp3 40329Kb
2019-09-22 Gifts for Women Part-1.mp3 35588Kb
2019-09-15 Sometimes Love Means Saying No.mp3 47304Kb
2019-09-08 Living Christianly Part-2.mp3 37744Kb
2019-09-01 Living Christianly Part-1.mp3 40234Kb
2019-08-18 Jesus Divides.mp3 36751Kb
2019-07-14 Leviticus 9 18.mp3 7396Kb
2019-07-07 Don't Give In- Pr. Coyle.mp3 7390Kb
2019-06-30 Dave Johnson A Still Small Voice.mp3 6079Kb
2019-06-23 Pastor Norby.mp3 4903Kb
2019-06-16 God Man and the Son of Man.mp3 7359Kb
2019-06-09 Jesus Prays for Us Part 2.mp3 6900Kb
2019-06-02 Jesus Prays for Us.mp3 6123Kb
2019-05-26 The first European convert.mp3 7552Kb
2019-05-19 prejudice and the Second Pentecost.mp3 7634Kb
2019-05-12 Ministry Essentials.mp3 6917Kb
2019-05-05 From Persecutor to Evangelist.mp3 7821Kb
2019-04-25 The Resurrection Difference.mp3 7128Kb
2019-04-21 Resurection We Will Be Changed.mp3 5383Kb
2019-04-19 Good Friday Pastor Nate Nash.mp3 5124Kb
2019-04-18 Maundy Thursday Servise.mp3 7423Kb
2019-04-10 Daniel Swanson.mp3 2480Kb
2019-04-07 Behold I Will Do Something New.mp3 7399Kb
2019-03-31 The Righteousness You Need Part 2.mp3 7150Kb
2019-03-24 The Righteousness you need.mp3 7532Kb
2019-03-20 Christian Talley lenten service.mp3 5582Kb
2019-03-17.mp3 9001Kb
2019-03-13 Skip Hupp Lent Service.mp3 3332Kb
2019-02-17 Every Lords Day.mp3 8106Kb
2019-02-10 John Talley.mp3 4721Kb
2019-02-03 Skip Hupp The Cross is our Theology.mp3 3598Kb
2019-01-27 The Book of Nehimiah.mp3 12271Kb
2019-01-20 Blessed Dave Johnson.mp3 6056Kb
2019-01-06 The Slaughter of the Innocents.mp3 7941Kb
2018-12-30 The stories behind the Carols 123018.mp3 6410Kb
2018-12-24 Gracious appearing, Gracious Result.mp3 3854Kb
2018-12-23 Our King Has Come Forth.mp3 6914Kb
2018-12-16 When Faith is Shaking.mp3 6845Kb
2018-12-09 Preparing for the Lord's Return.mp3 7164Kb
2018-12-02 The Son of Man Coming.mp3 7428Kb
2018-11-25 The Church Year.mp3 14469Kb
2018-11-11 The Festival of All Saints Part 2.mp3 7477Kb
2018-11-04 The Festival of All Saints.mp3 6724Kb
2018-10-21 Living as Tiger in an Eeyore World.mp3 7535Kb
2018-10-21 Living as Tiger in an Eeyore World 2.mp3 7535Kb
2018-10-14 Numbered Days, Wise Hearts.mp3 7727Kb
2018-10-07 ask seek knock 10718.mp3 6943Kb
2018-09-30 Life In the Wilderness.mp3 7309Kb
2018-09-23 The Goal of Greatness.mp3 8320Kb
2018-09-16 Oh be carefull litte eyes...mp3 7801Kb
2018-09-09 Your God Will Come.mp3 6684Kb
2018-09-02 (George Hupp).mp3 3400Kb
2018-08-26 Decisions Joshua 24.mp3 5828Kb
2018-08-19 Walk As Children of the Light.mp3 8493Kb
2018-08-05 Faith without conditions.mp3 7947Kb
2018-07-29 The saga of Joseph.mp3 10616Kb
2018-07-22 Rest for the weary.mp3 8603Kb
2018-06-10 A Life of Wisdom Part 2.mp3 7640Kb
2018-06-03 A life of wisdom.mp3 7421Kb
2018-05-27 Acribe to the Lord.mp3 7464Kb
2018-05-06 Resurrections gift Repentance for forgiveness P2.mp3 6371Kb
2018-04-29 Love Story.mp3 6688Kb
2018-04-22 We know Truth.mp3 3351Kb
2018-04-15 Resurrections Gift Repentancs for Forgiveness.mp3 7310Kb
2018-04-08 Witnesses With Them John Talley.mp3 6818Kb
2018-04-01 He Has Triumphed Gloriously.mp3 6091Kb
2018-03-29 PDC Maundy Thursday Ps 116 12 thru19.mp3 4840Kb
2018-03-25 Christ our Great High Priest II.mp3 7613Kb
2018-03-21 Ben Jameson Ps 119 9 16.mp3 1041Kb
2018-03-18 Christ our great High Priest.mp3 7499Kb
2018-03-04 Psalm 22 Skip Hupp.mp3 3665Kb
2018-03-04 Kingdom Life 2.mp3 7078Kb
2018-02-25 A Hymn of Faithful Words.mp3 8752Kb
2018-01-28 A Prophet Like Moses.mp3 7567Kb
2018-01-21.mp3 7186Kb
2018-01-21 AUDIO.mp3 7186Kb
2018-01-14 AUDIO.mp3 4445Kb
2018-01-07 AUDIO.mp3 8317Kb
2017-12-31 AUDIO.mp3 6334Kb
2017-12-24 Gods One Word.mp3 6207Kb
2017-12-20 Faith results in Evangelism.mp3 6883Kb
2017-12-17 Manliness and Advent.mp3 8013Kb
2017-12-10 A Call to Manliness Part 5.mp3 6855Kb
2017-12-03 A Call to Manliness Part 4.mp3 8181Kb
2017-11-26 AUDIO.mp3 8744Kb
2017-11-12 A Call to Biblical Manliness.mp3 7648Kb
2017-11-05 The Righteousness of the Ungodly Part 2.mp3 6371Kb
2017-10-29 I look not back.mp3 8606Kb
2017-10-22 The Works of God.mp3 8214Kb
2017-10-15 An Anti Dispair Kit.mp3 7610Kb
2017-10-08 Just Mercy.mp3 6803Kb
2017-10-01 Kingdom Life 2.mp3 7078Kb
2017-09-17 Christian Talley.mp3 6179Kb
2017-09-10 David Johnson Replicas of God.mp3 5442Kb
2017-09-03 Merciless Man, Merciful God.mp3 7584Kb
2017-08-27 Christ, Your Ebenezer.mp3 7045Kb
2017-08-20 Don't Worry, Be Faithful.mp3 17535Kb
2017-08-13 Grace For Grumblers.mp3 17195Kb
2017-08-06 The Golden Rule.mp3 14270Kb
2017-07-30 AUDIO.mp3 4710Kb
2017-07-23 AUDIO.mp3 4179Kb
2017-07-16 Lessons From Sodom's Lot.mp3 20625Kb
2017-07-09 How God Works Part II.mp3 15864Kb
2017-07-02 How God Works.mp3 12259Kb
2017-06-25 When Things Go Wrong.mp3 11772Kb
2017-06-18 (John Talley).mp3 4122Kb
2017-06-10 The importance of practice.mp3 19968Kb
2017-06-04 Heavanly Spirit All Others Transending.mp3 21274Kb
2017-05-28 A Christ-Centered Church 48m.mp3 8683Kb
2017-05-21 A Sure Word to Belive and Rest In 38m.mp3 6958Kb
2017-05-14 An Undershepherds Calling P3 42m.mp3 7750Kb
2017-05-07 An Undershepherds Calling P2 41m.mp3 7511Kb
2017-04-30 An Undershepherds Calling P1 39m.mp3 7074Kb
2017-04-23 Christ Jesus Is Risen (Don Verbarg) 29m.mp3 5384Kb
2017-04-16 Revenge and Restoration 38m.mp3 6906Kb
2017-04-14 Good Friday (Pastor Tim Johnson).mp3 3682Kb
2017-04-09 She has done a good deed to Me 39m.mp3 7137Kb
2017-04-02 Even So It Is Well With My Soul 41m.mp3 7398Kb
2017-03-29 Lent (Christian Talley).mp3 13198Kb
2017-03-26 God Comes Hiding P2 38m.mp3 7000Kb
2017-03-22 Mosaic Covenant (Don Verbarg).mp3 5625Kb
2017-03-19 God Comes Hiding P1 35m.mp3 6294Kb
2017-03-12 In Wrath Remember Mercy 40m.mp3 7311Kb
2017-03-08 The Rainbow Covenant (Skip Hupp).mp3 3468Kb
2017-03-05 Chaldean Comeuppance P2 39m.mp3 7111Kb
2017-03-01 Ash Wednesday Service.mp3 6993Kb
2017-02-26 Chaldean Comeuppance P1 49m.mp3 8972Kb
2017-02-19 Faith is a living power from Heaven 46m.mp3 8296Kb
2017-02-12 Spread the Word 41m.mp3 7075Kb
2017-02-05 Confession and Cross-Examination 41m.mp3 7417Kb
2017-01-22 (Skip Hupp).mp3 3132Kb
2017-01-15 Gods Sober Answer 42m.mp3 7568Kb
2017-01-08 We Are Family (Dave Johnson) 30m.mp3 5481Kb
2017-01-01 Spirit and Soul (Skip Hupp) 20m.mp3 3660Kb
2016-12-25 Promise of Mercy Remembered 28m.mp3 5090Kb
2016-12-11 Habakkuks Lament 41m.mp3 7396Kb
2016-12-04 The Visible Word 29m.mp3 5355Kb
2016-11-30 Advent 32m.mp3 5807Kb
2016-11-27 Habakkuk Introduction and Overview 37m.mp3 6771Kb
2016-11-23 Always rejoice and give thanks 20m.mp3 3624Kb
2016-11-20 The Church Year 52m.mp3 9360Kb
2016-11-13 So What Now 32m.mp3 5835Kb
2016-11-06 Election Sermon 2016 47m.mp3 8620Kb
2016-10-30 Faith Alone So Freeing 45m.mp3 8107Kb
2016-10-23 Armored Up P2 47m.mp3 8534Kb
2016-10-16 Armored Up P1 43m.mp3 7748Kb
2016-10-09 The Unknown and Rejected God 46m.mp3 8304Kb
2016-10-02 Reasons for constant gratitude P2 40m.mp3 7207Kb
2016-09-25 Reasons for constant gratitude P1 43m.mp3 7828Kb
2016-09-18 Hypocrisy and Mercy 38m.mp3 6908Kb
2016-09-11 True Spiritual Fatherhood P2 41m.mp3 7408Kb
2016-09-04 True Spiritual Fatherhood P1 50m.mp3 9041Kb
2016-08-28 (John Talley) 28m.mp3 5062Kb
2016-08-21 A Leagalist a Samaritan and You 45m.mp3 8236Kb
2016-08-14 True Ministry Is 42m.mp3 7577Kb
2016-08-07 Faith a Fiery Furnace and a 4th Man 34m.mp3 6143Kb
2016-07-31 Worship in Quotes 37m.mp3 6822Kb
2016-07-24 Lessons from history 42m.mp3 7726Kb
2016-07-17 The beauty of sound doctrine 45m.mp3 8124Kb
2016-07-10 Living between death and life 36m.mp3 6470Kb
2016-07-03 Christan zombies - May it never be 38m.mp3 6858Kb
2016-06-26 Where Sin Increases Grace Abounds 46m.mp3 8346Kb
2016-06-19 (David Johnson) 26m.mp3 4726Kb
2016-06-12 Living in condition orange 46m.mp3 8286Kb
2016-06-05 Proof of Life - Love for the Saints 40m.mp3 7295Kb
2016-05-29 To have a blessed death 36m.mp3 6516Kb
2016-05-22 The Doxology of Marveling Faith 44m.mp3 7938Kb
2016-05-15 Gods work through water P2 36m.mp3 6529Kb
2016-05-08 Gods work through water P1 39m.mp3 7098Kb
2016-05-01 Confirmed Truths 28m.mp3 5090Kb
2016-04-17 Since Christ Also Suffered For You P2 43m.mp3 7850Kb
2016-04-10 Since Christ Also Suffered For You P1 49m.mp3 8849Kb
2016-04-03 Not seeing but believing 40m.mp3 7263Kb
2016-03-27 Our Life of Holy Saturday 39m.mp3 7186Kb
2016-03-24 Maundy Thursday 29m.mp3 5262Kb
2016-03-20 Behold Your King 41m.mp3 7485Kb
2016-03-16 (Dennis Norby) 11m.mp3 2080Kb
2016-03-13 Concerning Divorce and Remarriage P3 51m.mp3 9205Kb
2016-03-09 (Skip Hupp) 21m.mp3 3906Kb
2016-03-06 The Why of Using Wine in the Lords Supper 40m.mp3 7354Kb
2016-02-28 Concerning Divorce and Remarriage P2 48m.mp3 8640Kb
2016-02-24 (John Talley) 17m.mp3 3133Kb
2016-02-21 Concerning Divorce and Remarriage P1 47m.mp3 8608Kb
2016-02-17 (Dave Johnson) Lent Service 27m.mp3 4927Kb
2016-02-14 Concerning Marriage P2 44m.mp3 7964Kb
2016-02-10 Ash Wednesday 60m.mp3 11018Kb
2016-02-07 Concerning Marriage P1 40m.mp3 7277Kb
2016-01-31 Divine Precipitations.mp3 7703Kb
2016-01-24 It aint heavy Its my calling 48m.mp3 8668Kb
2016-01-17 The sweet sign of fine wine 40m.mp3 7228Kb
2016-01-10 The gift and gifts of Christ 39m.mp3 7140Kb
2016-01-03 (Skip Hupp) 21m.mp3 3946Kb
2015-12-27 (John Talley).mp3 3165Kb
2015-12-24 Christmas Eve Service.mp3 3496Kb
2015-12-20 Comfort Oh Comfort My People 42m.mp3 7690Kb
2015-12-13 Servant Steward Celebrity 41m.mp3 7498Kb
2015-12-06 Christian Groaning P3 40m.mp3 7295Kb
2015-12-02 Advent Service 38m.mp3 6878Kb
2015-11-29 (David Johnson) 31m.mp3 5572Kb
2015-11-22 Christian Groaning P2 38m.mp3 7002Kb
2015-11-15 Christian Groaning P1 41m.mp3 7538Kb
2015-11-08 All Saints Day P2 40m.mp3 7271Kb
2015-11-01 All Saints Day P1 40m.mp3 7338Kb
2015-10-25 Prayer and Faith 39m.mp3 7080Kb
2015-10-18 The Greatest Miracle 41m.mp3 7553Kb
2015-10-11 Conduct Worthy of the Gospel 40m.mp3 7271Kb
2015-10-04 To Live is to Labor 48m.mp3 8695Kb
2015-09-27 To Live is Christ 51m.mp3 9196Kb
2015-09-20 Whether by Life or by Death.mp3 7324Kb
2015-09-20 Coyle Baptism.mp3 11929Kb
2015-09-13 Word Alone 47m.mp3 8593Kb
2015-09-06 The danger in seeking miracles 49m.mp3 8654Kb
2015-08-30 (Christian Talley).mp3 6673Kb
2015-08-16 (John Talley).mp3 6275Kb
2015-08-09 (Skip Hupp) Noah did what God said.mp3 4579Kb
2015-08-02 (David Johnson).mp3 5095Kb
2015-07-19 (John Talley).mp3 6017Kb
2015-07-12 (Skip Hupp).mp3 3724Kb
2015-07-05 (Dennis Norby).mp3 2596Kb
2015-06-28 (Christian Tally).mp3 5893Kb
2015-06-21 (Skip Hupp).mp3 3868Kb
2015-06-14 (Dave Johnson).mp3 4838Kb
2015-06-07 (Dennis Norby).mp3 2546Kb
2015-05-31 And I Will Bless Them.mp3 7139Kb
2015-05-24 How Faith Responds to Hardship 41m.mp3 7543Kb
2015-05-17 I do not set aside the Grace of God (Skip Hupp) 17m.mp3 3100Kb
2015-05-10 Gods Promises greater than your past 34m.mp3 6041Kb
2015-05-03 Symptoms of True Faith 36m.mp3 6522Kb
2015-04-26 The remedy for troubled hearts (David Johnson) 24m.mp3 4416Kb
2015-04-19 The Good Shepherd 30m.mp3 5392Kb
2015-04-12 But God raised Him from the dead 34m.mp3 6185Kb
2015-04-05 Resurection Joys Now and Then 24m.mp3 4486Kb
2015-03-29 Out with old In with new P2 42m.mp3 7630Kb
2015-03-22 Out with old In with new P1 36m.mp3 6462Kb
2015-03-15 The Bread of Life 41m.mp3 7402Kb
2015-03-11 Lent Service.mp3 7983Kb
2015-03-08 What the Word of Christ Does 37m.mp3 6758Kb
2015-03-01 The True Red Sea Deliverance 42m.mp3 7710Kb
2015-02-25 Lent Service.mp3 5340Kb
2015-02-22 The Lure Of Broken Cisterns 39m.mp3 7084Kb
2015-02-18 Ash Wednesday.mp3 9674Kb
2015-02-15 Behold the Lamb of God 39m.mp3 7016Kb
2015-02-08 FIC FYI 45m.mp3 8194Kb
2015-01-25 A little faith is enough 40m.mp3 7301Kb
2015-01-18 Calling all fools weaklings and nobodies 35m.mp3 6383Kb
2015-01-11 Children Obey 41m.mp3 7316Kb
2015-01-04 (Pastor Dennis Norby) 27m.mp3 5005Kb
2014-12-28 Your Savior Rejoices Over You 37m.mp3 6634Kb
2014-12-24 He Rules With a Rod of Iron 22m.mp3 3953Kb
2014-12-21 What a difference The Day makes 35m.mp3 6310Kb
2014-12-17 Advent 41m.mp3 6077Kb
2014-12-14 Dies Irae Revisited Past and Future 41m.mp3 7364Kb
2014-12-10 Advent.mp3 6591Kb
2014-12-07 God in the midst of sinners 40m.mp3 7282Kb
2014-12-03 Advent.mp3 5426Kb
2014-11-30 Gods Wrath A Comfort For Saints 42m.mp3 7705Kb
2014-11-26 Thanksgiving Eve 23m.mp3 4034Kb
2014-11-23 When sinners see their lost condition 48m.mp3 8631Kb
2014-11-16 Dies Irae - Day Of Wrath 38m.mp3 6830Kb
2014-11-09 The Lord Has Perpared A Sacrifice 47m.mp3 8496Kb
2014-11-02 Judah-A Pattern of Apostasy 44m.mp3 7942Kb
2014-10-26 Judgement Day-The Worlds End 37m.mp3 35531Kb
2014-10-19 Zephaniah Introduction Addendum 32m.mp3 5834Kb
2014-10-12 Zephaniah 101 - An Introduction 43m.mp3 7722Kb
2014-10-05 Zephaniah 14m.mp3 2607Kb
2014-09-28 Graced to be Gracious 48m.mp3 8721Kb
2014-09-21 The Place Of Our Sanctuary 40m.mp3 7343Kb
2014-09-14 I Am The Lord Your God 39m.mp3 7099Kb
2014-09-07 The Privilege and Stewardship of Fatherhood 41m.mp3 7473Kb
2014-08-31 The Way Of Righteousness 35m.mp3 6305Kb
2014-08-24 Great Expectations-Communion 30m.mp3 5431Kb
2014-08-24 Great Expectations 34m.mp3 6190Kb
2014-08-17 Attribute of the Law Part3 57m.mp3 10321Kb
2014-08-03 Attribute of the Law Part2 41m.mp3 7392Kb
2014-07-27 Gods Gracious Gift (Andy Coyle) 32m.mp3 5783Kb
2014-07-20 Attribute of the Law Part1 45m.mp3 8138Kb
2014-07-13 The Gospel Ethic of Unfairness 42m.mp3 7653Kb
2014-07-06 The True Exodus Deliverance 41m.mp3 7500Kb
2014-06-29 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit P4 40m.mp3 7287Kb
2014-06-22 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit P3 45m.mp3 8114Kb
2014-06-15 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit P2 42m.mp3 7544Kb
2014-06-08 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit P1 47m.mp3 8521Kb
2014-06-01 He Ascended on High 44m.mp3 7948Kb
2014-05-25 A Living Memorial 37m.mp3 6684Kb
2014-05-18 Christ For You In The Daily Grind 36m.mp3 6499Kb
2014-05-11 Let Us Hold Fast The Confession 38m.mp3 6837Kb
2014-05-04 The Lord our Shepherd 39m.mp3 7175Kb
2014-04-27 Refreshment from the Lord 33m.mp3 6019Kb
2014-04-20 Deliverance 33m.mp3 5988Kb
2014-04-17 Lent Service Temptation 28m.mp3 5078Kb
2014-04-13 The Impulse of Worship 40m.mp3 7186Kb
2014-04-09 Lent Service Forgiveness 38m.mp3 6907Kb
2014-04-06 When the Christ comes to you 47m.mp3 6806Kb
2014-04-02 Lent Service Daily Bread 42m.mp3 7669Kb
2014-03-30 Be Resolved 45m.mp3 8189Kb
2014-03-23 Christ-Centered Gospel-Fueled Resolve 51m.mp3 9211Kb
2014-03-19 Lent Service Thy Kingdom Come 30m.mp3 5427Kb
2014-03-16 Ceased from Sin 55m.mp3 9990Kb
2014-03-12 Lent Service Hallowed be Thy Name 31m.mp3 5610Kb
2014-03-09 The Life of Christian Death 40m.mp3 7294Kb
2014-03-05 Ash Wednesday 46m.mp3 8424Kb
2014-03-02 When You Dont Understand 40m.mp3 7274Kb
2014-02-23 Gods Word Works 49m.mp3 8806Kb
2014-02-16 Celebrating St Valintines Day P2 27m.mp3 4879Kb
2014-02-16 Celebrating St Valintines Day P1 28m.mp3 5096Kb
2014-02-09 What Faith Is and Receives P3 43m.mp3 7739Kb
2014-02-02 What Faith Is and Receives P2 40m.mp3 7205Kb
2014-01-26 What Faith Is and Receives P1 34m.mp3 6252Kb
2014-01-19 The Purpose of Flesh P2 45m.mp3 8067Kb
2014-01-12b Family Sunday School 29m.mp3 5323Kb
2014-01-12 The Purpose of Flesh P1 33m.mp3 6055Kb
2013-12-24 The Lord Has Bared His Holy Arm 19m.mp3 3455Kb
2013-12-22 The House of God 46m.mp3 8360Kb
2013-12-15 A final call to devotion 35m.mp3 6324Kb
2013-12-08 Daily Christian Living-Evangelism 38m.mp3 6936Kb
2013-12-01 Daily Christian Living-Prayer 41m.mp3 7488Kb
2013-11-24 Daily Christian Living-Home and Work P2 49m.mp3 8874Kb
2013-11-17 Daily Christian Living-Home and Work P1 42m.mp3 7637Kb
2013-11-10 A Christ-Centered Life P2 41m.mp3 7425Kb
2013-11-03 A Christ-Centered Life P1 43m.mp3 7852Kb
2013-10-27 Put On Virtue 49m.mp3 8880Kb
2013-10-20 Christian Living - Dying and Disrobing 54m.mp3 9822Kb
2013-10-13 Redemption Impossible 43m.mp3 7764Kb
2013-10-06 From Identity to Responsibility 40m.mp3 7298Kb
2013-09-29b Family Sunday School 40m.mp3 7351Kb
2013-09-29 Accept No Substitutes 42m.mp3 7600Kb
2013-09-22b Family Sunday School 30m.mp3 5435Kb
2013-09-22 What happened when I was baptized P2 45m.mp3 8133Kb
2013-09-15b Family Sunday School 36m.mp3 6641Kb
2013-09-15 What happened when I was baptized P1 39m.mp3 7091Kb
2013-09-08b Family Sunday School 14m.mp3 2585Kb
2013-09-08 Forward to the past 48m.mp3 8816Kb
2013-09-01 Devote yourself to prayer (Mark Fagerstrom) 21m.mp3 3723Kb
2013-08-25 The Circumcision of Christ 47m.mp3 8435Kb
2013-08-18 Christ is enough for you P2 38m.mp3 6947Kb
2013-08-11 Christ is enough for you P1 42m.mp3 7507Kb
2013-08-04 The Actively Passive Christian Live 42m.mp3 7639Kb
2013-07-31 Bible Camp Session8 1h8m.mp3 12243Kb
2013-07-28 Steady Stable Christ Centered Faith 41m.mp3 7474Kb
2013-07-21 For the sake of His Body (Samson) 41m.mp3 7382Kb
2013-07-14 That their hearts may be encouraged 40m.mp3 7248Kb
2013-07-07 A Great and Glorious Struggle 40m.mp3 7244Kb
2013-06-30 VBS The Gospel of Jesus.mp3 3747Kb
2013-06-23 The ministry of preaching 40m.mp3 7242Kb
2013-06-16 (Mark Fagerstrom) 18m.mp3 3243Kb
2013-06-09 The office of the ministry 39m.mp3 7125Kb
2013-06-02 God moves in a mysterious way 41m.mp3 7462Kb
2013-05-26 Three Memorial Days 35m.mp3 6328Kb
2013-05-19 Redemption P2 42m.mp3 7539Kb
2013-05-12 First born from the dead 36m.mp3 6462Kb
2013-05-05 Redemption P1 40m.mp3 7183Kb
2013-04-28 First born over all creation P3 50m.mp3 8918Kb
2013-04-21 First born over all creation P2 33m.mp3 5932Kb
2013-04-14 First born over all creation P1 35m.mp3 6423Kb
2013-04-07 The Righteous (Skip Hupp) 24m.mp3 4420Kb
2013-03-31 The Marks of Peace 31m.mp3 5852Kb
2013-03-29 Good Friday 23m.mp3 4130Kb
2013-03-27 Maundy Thursday 21m.mp3 3732Kb
2013-03-24 The Christ Hymn - Creation 44m.mp3 7898Kb
2013-03-17 In Him 42m.mp3 7686Kb
2013-03-13 My God Why Have You Forsaken Me 43m.mp3 7629Kb
2013-03-10 Dear Saints You are forgiven 37m.mp3 6784Kb
2013-03-06 Woman Behold Thy Son 42m.mp3 7577Kb
2013-03-03 Dear Saints Your reality is 34m.mp3 6143Kb
2013-02-27 Thief Saved 32m.mp3 5799Kb
2013-02-24 Filled to be Fruitful 2 43m.mp3 7871Kb
2013-02-20 Father Forgive Them 31m.mp3 5677Kb
2013-02-17 Filled to be Fruitful 1 40m.mp3 7234Kb
2013-02-13 Ash Wednesday Service 29m.mp3 5291Kb
2013-02-10 Our Prayer Be Hungry Be Filled 42m.mp3 7559Kb
2013-02-03 A Prayer of Thanksgiving 34m.mp3 6178Kb
2013-01-27 Apostleship and Sainthood Part2 50m.mp3 9066Kb
2013-01-20 Apostleship and Sainthood Part1 42m.mp3 7619Kb
2013-01-13 Colossians 101 36m.mp3 6457Kb
2013-01-06 Colossians 19m.mp3 3500Kb
2012-12-30 How we live while we wait for Him (David Johnson) 27m.mp3 4959Kb
2012-12-24 The Zeal of the Lord of Hosts 15m.mp3 2811Kb
2012-12-23 Futility and Perfection 38m.mp3 6703Kb
2012-12-19 More certain than the sunrise 44m.mp3 7928Kb
2012-12-16b Encouragement Sermonette 16m.mp3 2856Kb
2012-12-16 Encouragement for life in a broken world 40m.mp3 7223Kb
2012-12-12 Rahab 51m.mp3 9239Kb
2012-12-09 Grace and Peace 43m.mp3 7743Kb
2012-12-05 God kept his promises in Christ 43m.mp3 7763Kb
2012-12-02 Gods Maranatha Preparations 41m.mp3 7994Kb
2012-11-25 Counsel Regarding Impending Calamity Part2 39m.mp3 7089Kb
2012-11-18 Counsel Regarding Impending Calamity Part1 47m.mp3 8538Kb
2012-11-11 (Pastor Todd Schirkolk) 30m.mp3 5373Kb
2012-11-04 Remember 39m.mp3 7005Kb
2012-10-28 A Vote They Can Live With 48m.mp3 8757Kb
2012-10-21 The Foolish Marvelous Work of God 44m.mp3 7878Kb
2012-10-14 Marys Method of Problem Resolution 26m (Gary Pike).mp3 4792Kb
2012-10-07 I am Achon 42m.mp3 7567Kb
2012-09-30 Hannas Worship 26m (David Johnson).mp3 4676Kb
2012-09-23 Worship is -- What 41m.mp3 7520Kb
2012-09-16 Shame Salvation and Praise 37m.mp3 6649Kb
2012-09-09 Holy and Whole 44m.mp3 8019Kb
2012-09-02 Seven Fruits of Genuine Repentance 43m.mp3 7717Kb
2012-08-26 The When of Biblical Church Discipline 45m.mp3 8256Kb
2012-08-19 The How of Biblical Church Discipline 44m.mp3 7944Kb
2012-08-12 Biblical Church Discipline 52m.mp3 9445Kb
2012-08-05 Ground much talked about but never walked 40m.mp3 7241Kb
2012-07-29 Scripture or Tradition - What will it be 47m.mp3 8558Kb
2012-07-22 The Immutable Christ in Glory 44m.mp3 8022Kb
2012-07-15 The Immutable Christ in the Lords Supper 43m.mp3 7837Kb
2012-07-08 The Immutable Christ in the Old Testament 47m.mp3 8567Kb
2012-07-08 Heaven is Like a Treasure (Sammy Weber) 31m.mp3 5564Kb
2012-07-01 A Fruit of Christian Freedom 47m.mp3 8549Kb
2012-06-24b Coyle Installation Service (Pastor Chuck Samson) 20m.mp3 3611Kb
2012-06-24 I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice 45m.mp3 8184Kb