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Audio Archives - Pastor Ed Strom

From 20-Sep-2009 through 13-Nov-2011.

(Names of guest speakers are in brackets)

2011-11-13 What is your foundation.mp33958Kb
2011-11-06 Perserverance 27m.mp34995Kb
2011-10-30 How Justified 31m.mp35595Kb
2011-10-23 A Predjudicial Jury 26m.mp34791Kb
2011-10-16 Dinner Guests 19m.mp33456Kb
2011-10-09 The sinners prayer 24m.mp34379Kb
2011-10-02 Gods mighty men (Wilber Zeal) 25m.mp34648Kb
2011-09-25 Does a family Live Here 30m.mp35416Kb
2011-09-18 Refining your focus 26m.mp34826Kb
2011-09-11 (Jim Larson) 44m.mp38005Kb
2011-09-04 Learning to get along 25m.mp34368Kb
2011-08-28 What does YOUR God look like 27m.mp34839Kb
2011-08-21 A Crumb Will Do 32m.mp35852Kb
2011-08-07 What is your worship 21m.mp33739Kb
2011-07-31 Ordinary to Extraordinary 29m.mp35221Kb
2011-07-24 Charateristics of Abiding Love 26m.mp34748Kb
2011-07-17 A Battle for the Ages 29m.mp35320Kb
2011-07-10 How is your heart 33m.mp36020Kb
2011-07-03 Consumed by sin 26m.mp34726Kb
2011-06-19 Portrate of a Godly Father 30m.mp35412Kb
2011-06-12 A multilingual message 32m.mp35778Kb
2011-06-05 Confirmation 19m.mp318663Kb
2011-05-29 Fight the good fight 27m.mp34981Kb
2011-05-22 A work in progress 26m.mp34765Kb
2011-05-15 The marks of a good shepherd 33m.mp36210Kb
2011-05-08 How shall we live 22m.mp34044Kb
2011-05-01 Jesus is Relevant 24m.mp34360Kb
2011-04-24 Easter - Empty - Its a good thing 24m.mp34358Kb
2011-04-22 Good Friday 26m.mp34751Kb
2011-04-17 Hollow praise 26m.mp34753Kb
2011-04-13 Lent Service 29m.mp35331Kb
2011-04-10 Look and live 28m.mp35154Kb
2011-04-06 Why have you forsaken me 25m.mp34579Kb
2011-04-03 Who is your Father 28m.mp34986Kb
2011-03-30 He was numbered with the transgressors (Pastor Peter Ward) 27m.mp34923Kb
2011-03-27 Free at last 28m.mp35160Kb
2011-03-20 Our Watchfull Savior 20m.mp33882Kb
2011-03-13 Who am I 25m.mp34488Kb
2011-03-06 Hushing or Giving 25m.mp34499Kb
2011-02-27 Wrong question 23m.mp34181Kb
2011-02-20 Who is my brother (Wilber Zeal) 22m.mp34122Kb
2011-02-13 What is love anyway 24m.mp34415Kb
2011-02-06 What about the man 23m.mp34216Kb
2011-01-30 What are you fishing for 30m.mp35450Kb
2011-01-23 Battling the tempter and tempation 33m.mp36039Kb
2011-01-16 The gift that keeps on giving 32m.mp35857Kb
2011-01-09 Ready to go 26m.mp34710Kb
2010-12-26 On The Run 25m.mp34613Kb
2010-12-15 The one who was to come 21m.mp33831Kb
2010-12-08 Simeon 26m.mp34846Kb
2010-12-05 What is in a name 24m.mp34403Kb
2010-12-01 Advent Service 26m.mp34789Kb
2010-12-01 Advent Service 25m.mp34575Kb
2010-11-28 Who is Knocking 34m.mp36159Kb
2010-11-21 Worship rountine or relationship 28m.mp34998Kb
2010-11-14 A life giving encounter 30m.mp35492Kb
2010-11-07 God will provide 27m.mp34996Kb
2010-10-31 Obey 23m.mp34239Kb
2010-10-24 Run the Race (Wilber Zeal) 25m.mp34645Kb
2010-10-17 Player or Bench Warmer 27m.mp34976Kb
2010-08-22 Doing Church Gods Way 32m.mp35790Kb
2010-08-15 Be about the Fathers business (Wilber Zeal) 24m.mp34442Kb
2010-08-08 Creators Creatures (Wilbur Zeal) 26m.mp34768Kb
2010-08-01 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 24m.mp34331Kb
2010-07-25 Help Me Overcome My Unbelief 32m.mp35901Kb
2010-07-04 4th of July 22m.mp34053Kb
2010-06-20 Save the date (Mark Fagerstrom) 18m.mp33275Kb
2010-06-13 Invited but not attending 29m.mp35235Kb
2010-06-06 What matters most 30m.mp35437Kb
2010-05-30 Remember Me 19m.mp33439Kb
2010-05-23 Can you see 25m.mp34526Kb
2010-05-16 Are you rejoicing 31m.mp35659Kb
2010-05-09 Portrate of a Godly Mother 26m.mp34650Kb
2010-05-02 The Counselors Work 28m.mp35118Kb
2010-04-25 Total Transformation 27m.mp34979Kb
2010-04-11 A Doubter Convinced 30m.mp35299Kb
2010-04-04 Ive just seen Jesus 30m.mp35346Kb
2010-04-01 Maundy Thursday Service 20m.mp33573Kb
2010-03-28 The King is Coming 27m.mp34903Kb
2010-03-24 Lent Service 32m.mp35901Kb
2010-03-21 Grapes 29m.mp35253Kb
2010-03-17 Lent Service 20m.mp33687Kb
2010-03-14 Sinners received or rejected 28m.mp35153Kb
2010-03-10 Lent Service 30m.mp35382Kb
2010-03-07 Spritual Battle 23m.mp34811Kb
2010-03-03 Lent Service 29m.mp35394Kb
2010-02-28 Forgiveness (Part2) 31m.mp35581Kb
2010-02-24 Lenten Service 31m - The Cancellation of the Cross.mp35557Kb
2010-02-21 Forgiveness (Part1) 30m.mp35468Kb
2010-02-14 A Charge with a Promise 29m.mp35255Kb
2010-02-07 Gods miracle working Word 23m.mp34237Kb
2010-01-31 Let the children come 23m.mp34185Kb
2010-01-24 A Touch and a Word 28m.mp35021Kb
2010-01-17 Message in a Miracle 31m.mp35589Kb
2010-01-10 The Call of God (Eldon Nelson) 35m.mp36251Kb
2010-01-03 Declaration of Allegiance 25m.mp34453Kb
2009-12-27 What do you see 32m.mp35763Kb
2009-12-24 A Message That Never Grows Old 20m.mp33564Kb
2009-12-20 Whats in a Name 24m.mp34387Kb
2009-12-13 The Greatest Miracle Ever 31m.mp35723Kb
2009-12-06 Are You Ready 28m.mp34965Kb
2009-11-29 Heaven in the Home 23m.mp34213Kb
2009-11-22 Gods Blueprint for a Godly Marriage 27m.mp34952Kb
2009-11-15 Repentant heart 23m.mp34204Kb
2009-11-08 Divine roadside encounter 25m.mp34621Kb
2009-11-01 Clean 24m.mp34299Kb
2009-10-25 Do you Love Me 26m.mp34791Kb
2009-10-18 God so loved the world 29m.mp35323Kb
2009-09-20b Bible Class 51m (Pastor Ed Strom).mp39287Kb
2009-09-20 Keep your eyes on Jesus 29m (Pastor Ed Strom).mp35334Kb