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Audio Archives - Guest speakers during vacancy

From 27-Nov-2011 through 10-June-2012.

(Names of guest speakers are in brackets)

2012-06-10 Lord Teach Us to Pray (Jeff Kane) 45m.mp38207Kb
2012-06-03 You must be born again (Jim Thoms) 18m.mp33311Kb
2012-05-27 Penticost (David Johnson) 26m.mp34711Kb
2012-05-20 (Jim Thoms) 14m.mp32533Kb
2012-05-13 Gods Creation (Todd Martinson) 20m.mp33624Kb
2012-05-06 (Wilbur Zeal) 19m.mp33492Kb
2012-04-29 Heaven is real (Dick Ewing) 22m.mp33936Kb
2012-04-22 The Shepherds Voice (Rev Rodney Juell) 18m.mp33289Kb
2012-04-15 Profile of the lukewarm (Gary Pike) 24m.mp33982Kb
2012-04-08 (David Johnson) Mouse.mp3469Kb
2012-04-08 (David Johnson) 22m.mp33975Kb
2012-04-01 Allow Jesus to wash your feet (Skip Hupp) 18m.mp33305Kb
2012-03-25 I Am (Jim Thoms) 9m.mp31570Kb
2012-03-18 (James Keely) 19m.mp33437Kb
2012-03-11 (Wilber Zeal) 19m.mp33510Kb
2012-03-04 (Steve Jameson) 27m.mp34978Kb
2012-02-26 Wedding Feast (David Johnson) 27m.mp34982Kb
2012-02-19 Gods Power (Todd Martinson) 18m.mp33372Kb
2012-02-12 Many Mansions (James Keely) 30m.mp35475Kb
2012-02-08 What He wants us to forsake (Heilmann) 38m.mp36478Kb
2012-02-08 -Handout-.pdf1056Kb
2012-02-07 What it means to seek His face (Heilmann) 34m.mp36207Kb
2012-02-07 -Handout-.pdf561Kb
2012-02-06 How to pray with authority (Heilmann) 32m.mp35836Kb
2012-02-05 What it means to humble ourselves (Steve Heilmann) 35m.mp36360Kb
2012-01-29 Do you believe God (David Johnson) 34m.mp36203Kb
2012-01-22 Jesus said I will (Jim Thoms) 23m.mp34141Kb
2012-01-15 Let the little children come to me (Dick Ewing) 32m.mp35725Kb
2012-01-08 God has a plan for you (Wilber Zeal) 24m.mp34325Kb
2012-01-01 How will you respond to Jesus (Ben Konrad) 15m.mp32688Kb
2011-12-11 Jesus - The rest of the story (David Johnson) 25m.mp34512Kb
2011-12-04 I was blind but now I see (Skip Hupp) 23m.mp34115Kb
2011-11-27 We have a great hope (Todd Martinson) 21m.mp33881Kb