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Believing the old adage that we truly do become like those we spend the most time with, we make a conscious choice to spend significant amounts of time with like-minded believers each Sunday.


We use the Lord’s Day to not only for corporate worship. We believe it important to pray, study, eat, and even enjoy recreation together, and so, build-up the Body of Christ.

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Following Family Sunday School, everyone enjoys a delicious home-cooked pot luck meal. It is usually prepared around a suggested theme, but both old favorites and new dishes are always on the table. We love to have guests. No one ever leaves hungry!


After the meal, families are invited to stay as long as they like for kid’s play activities and deepening fellowship. Afternoons of volleyball are occasionally enjoyed.

12 pm

From Sep. through May, Family Sunday School meets in the Family Life Center.


We begin by assembling the young children around the piano for a few exuberant songs. After gathering by family or small groups, Pastor leads a time of prayer for requests and thanksgivings. We then learn and sing a "hymn of the month" in 4-part harmony, followed by a children’s Bible story reading. We distribute quiet activities for young children to enjoy (with parental supervision) while Pastor teaches the adults in a study of the Bible or our historic Confessions for the remainder of the hour.

11 am

Divine services include a simple, meaningful liturgy. We worship with both traditional hymns and contemporary music that underscore Christ’s Person and work. Finally, each service includes a sermon from God’s Word.

Service lasts about 90 minutes. Believing that our worship is a whole-family avocation, no children’s church or staffed nursery is offered—families are encouraged to bring quiet activities to occupy their small children when appropriate.

9 am

This week's fellowship meal theme is

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